Is Trump winning?

Donald Trump’s presidency is reality TV on steroids. It is chaotic. It is mad. But is it working? For all the endless talk of the disaster that has befallen American since the election of 2016, for all the media meltdowns, America seems okay. The Democrats have spent months predicting a ‘blue wave’ will crash over Trump’s leadership in the mid-term elections in November. Will they be proved right? And even if the Republican Party loses, does that make the president a lame duck? Or is Donald Trump winning?

Speakers include:
Mr Gideon Rachman, Chief foreign affairs columnist, Financial Times
Chaired by Andrew Neil


Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil


Chairman of The Spectator Magazine Group

Mr Gideon Rachman

Mr Gideon Rachman

Chief foreign affairs columnist, Financial Times


Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW