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Independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh

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June 24, 2014

6:45 pm

The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh EH1 1JF


Ian Murray, For the motion, MP, Edinburgh South

Annabel Goldie, For the motion, MSP, West Scotland

George Galloway, For the motion, MP, Bradford West

Andrew Wilson, Against the motion, former SNP shadow finance & economy minister, columnist Scotland on Sunday

Jeane Freeman, Against the motion, former advisor to the First Minister, founding member of Women for Independence

Blair Jenkins, Against the motion, chief executive, Yes Scotland

Andrew Neil, chairman, The Spectator Magazine Group


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If the Scots vote YES to independence on 18 September, Great Britain will soon be finished.

But what would independence mean for Edinburgh?

Some argue that Edinburgh could flourish as independent Scotland’s financial nucleus. Others say that the capital’s strength is built upon its relations with the rest of the United Kingdom. Could Edinburgh cope with the challenges to its financial services that independence would bring? Could the city take charge of Scotland’s destiny? Or would divorce from the UK tear it apart?

Before proceedings began 119 members of the audience agreed with the motion that ‘Independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh’, 27 disagreed and 36 did know what they thought. Two hours later opinion had hardened: 169 for the proposition, 19 against and 6 undecided.

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