Getting on the ladder: striking the right balance between social housing and home ownership

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October 5, 2021

1:00 pm

Manchester Central, Exchange 11


Isabel Hardman, editor at The Spectator

Helen Barnard, Deputy Director at JRF

Professor Jo Richardson, Professor of Housing and Social Research at De Montfort University and President of the Chartered Institute for Housing

Councillor James Jamieson, Chair, Local Government Association

Bob Blackman MP, Chair of Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee


As the UK's vaccine success downgrades Covid to a manageable risk, the government begins its mission of fulfilling manifesto commitments. This includes their pledge to build at least a million new homes by 2024. Where does social housing fit in? Despite rising up the political agenda in recent years, the situation remains unaddressed, as millions of families now face a housing crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. Will the government's current housing strategy really provide more options and opportunity for all?