Volatility on the horizon: what can investors expect?

BY spectator events


November 2, 2021

6:00 pm



Fraser Nelson, editor, The Spectator

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, Netwealth

Louise Cooper, financial journalist, broadcaster and presenter


With Covid-19 vaccinations rolled out to large swathes of the UK and many other western nations, there is hope that the worst of the health crisis is behind us. But have the economic consequences been accounted for, and are there any nasty surprises in store for the markets? In this event we explore the potential shocks yet to come, and what these outcomes might mean for retirement plans.

Join Fraser Nelson, Gerard Lyons and Louise Cooper as they discuss what investors can expect with volatility on the horizon.

Speakers include:

Fraser Nelson, editor, The Spectator

Gerard Lyons, chief economic strategist, Netwealth

Louise Cooper, financial journalist, broadcaster and presenter

This event is sponsored by Netwealth.