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December 9, 2021

The Spectator Christmas Carol Service 2021


March 26, 2018

The Spectator Health Summit 2018

The inaugural Spectator Health Summit, chaired by Alastair Stewart, is a unique opportunity for health and care leaders to examine and explore solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing the NHS and social care.


March 13, 2018

The Chancellor's Spring Statement

On the day of the Spring Statement, join The Spectator’s Andrew Neil, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth as they share their economic and political analysis for 2018 and beyond.


February 21, 2018

An Evening with Steven Pinker in conversation with Sam Leith

Join us for an unmissable evening with the eminent Harvard Professor Steven Pinker, in conversation with Sam Leith, The Spectator’s literary editor, on the challenges we face in the 21st century and what we need to do to defend the values and ideas of the Enlightenment.


December 7, 2017

The Spectator Christmas Carol Service 2017

Enjoy the festive spirit with beautiful music from the choir of St Bride’s and readings from Spectator writers in the stunning Sir Christopher Wren designed church of St Bride’s, known worldwide as the Journalists’ Church.


December 5, 2017

Drink more fizz with Jonathan Ray

Join our drinks editor, Jonathan Ray, on Tuesday 5 December for an effervescent, fizz-filled lunch in the Spectator boardroom to mark the publication of his latest book, Drink More Fizz!


November 30, 2017

Prosperity Britain: a Programme for Productivity

New technology is constantly emerging - yet the country's productivity stagnates. Why is it that the output of an average British worker lags behind our overseas competitors and what is the Government doing about it?


November 28, 2017

Could cancer break the NHS?

Britons are generally living longer, healthier and happier lives. But as we grow older, more of us will have to battle long-term health conditions. One in two of us will get cancer. Is the NHS, which lags behind other countries on early screening and diagnosis, up to this monumental challenge? Or is the NHS – our so-called 'national religion' – destined for the scrapheap?


November 27, 2017

What is the future of the Tory party?

Having so disastrously misread the public mood at the last election, are the Tories – divided on Brexit and much more – now hurtling towards defeat at the next one? Can they stop Jeremy Corbyn? What should they stand for and who should lead them?


November 22, 2017

The Spectator Autumn Budget Briefing 2017

On the day of the Budget, join The Spectator’s Andrew Neil, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth, as they discuss the Chancellor's plans, and what has been called a 'make or break' moment for Theresa May's minority government.


October 19, 2017

Over and Out: an evening with Henry Blofeld

For more than 40 years, his voice on Test Match Special has been the sound of summer for thousands of cricket lovers in Britain and the world over.


October 12, 2017

10 Years on from the crash: Andrew Neil in conversation with George Osborne

Ten years ago this autumn, Northern Rock experienced the first run on a British bank for 150 years. It was just one symptom of a crisis that was soon to engulf the entire global financial system.


September 27, 2017

Britain and the EU: two very different futures?

Britain is now enmeshed in Brexit negotiations, the final outcome still far from certain. But there are big challenges in the EU, too. Can Macron achieve his eurozone reforms? Does a resurgent Russia and a disengaged US spell trouble? What does the future look like for the UK and the EU?


September 13, 2017

An Evening with Rod Liddle 2017

Following the success of last year’s sold-out event, The Spectator is delighted to welcome back Rod Liddle for an evening in conversation with Fraser Nelson.


June 29, 2017

The Conservative route to fighting poverty: lessons from the last 7 years

Those that can, should; those who can’t, we will always help’ – that was the Conservative rallying cry on welfare during the coalition years. But how successful have the government’s reforms – including Universal Credit – really been? And with Brexit dominating the domestic agenda, what does Theresa May's government plan to do next to improve social justice?


June 14, 2017

5 Ideas to Change the World in association with Quilter Cheviot

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking ideas from five first-class speakers. Chosen for their clarity of thought, elegance of expression and independence of opinion, each will present an idea that could reshape our future. Hosted by BBC broadcaster Jo Coburn.


June 7, 2017

Brexit – what's next for Britain and the EU?

Join Andrew Neil and a guest panel to discuss what Brexit means for us and the EU. Speakers include: Daniel Hannan, Radek Sikorski, Vicky Ford, Thomas Kielinger and Christine Ockrent.


May 2, 2017

Trump's first 100 days

At his inauguration, Donald Trump: ‘It’s going to be America First.’ Has he begun to deliver on his promise? And at what cost? What will it mean for Britain and the rest of the world?


April 26, 2017

French Revolution - could it be President Le Pen?

Is France on the brink of a political revolution?


March 17, 2017

Getting Britain match fit for Brexit


March 13, 2017

The Age of the Cure: The future of healthcare in the 21st century

The rapid development of new technology is changing the way we live and how our illnesses are cured. Given our ageing population and the rise in age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, what role can innovation play in improving our health, as well as the NHS and society as a whole?


March 8, 2017

The Spectator Budget Briefing 2017


December 8, 2016

The Spectator Christmas Carol Service 2016

On Thursday 8 December, Spectator readers joined us for the annual Spectator Christmas Carol Service at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street.


November 30, 2016

The American people have voted. What next?

The American people have voted. What next for the US and the rest of the world?


November 23, 2016

Autumn Statement 2016

After the new Chancellor presented his financial statement, The Spectator’s chairman, editor and political editor shared their insights into what it reveals about the government’s preparations for Brexit.


October 19, 2016

How to make Brexit a success

On Wednesday 19 October, Andrew Neil, James Forsyth, Ameet Gill, Dr Gerard Lyons and Gisela Stuart MP discussed how Britain can make a success of life outside the EU.